JCL 1/32 DIN Ramp/Soak (48mm x 24mm)

JCL Ramp/Soak controller image

Standard Features:

  • Ramp/Soak Function
    Up to 9 ramp/soak segments.
  • Dual Use
    This instrument is easily switched between controller or transmitter by simple key operation.


  • Structure
    IP-66 protective construction.
    Black enclosure color.

  • Programmable Alarms
    Units feature standard single alarm output.
  • Multi-Input
    Units feature multi-input capabilities:
    10 thermocouple types, 1 RTD type, 2 current inputs,
    and 4 voltage inputs.


  • Digital Input
    Change between setpoints (SV1, SV2).

  • Safety Approvals
    UL, cUL and CE Safety Approvals.
  • Warranty
    All units manufactured to strict ISO standards and offer full 3 year manufacturers warranty.
  • Low Cost
    Most advanced price/performance package available.
  • PID Autotune
    All units feature as standard full function third generation PID Autotune. This feature minimizes process overshoot under the most demanding applications.
  • Large LED Display
    All units feature bright display of either PV or SV, red 4 digits.
The 1/32 DIN Digital Temperature Controller with Ramp/Soak
features a full 3 year warranty and lifetime technical support!
Download: JCL Series Brochure
Download: JCL Series Instruction Manual
Download: JCL Series Communication Instruction Manual


Price: $174.00

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