FCS-13A 1/16 Din (48mm x 48mm)

Shinko FCS series image


Digital Indicating Controllers
FCS-13A, FCS-23A series
FCR-23A, FCR-15A series
FCD-13A, FCD-15A series


-FC series is a high performance controller.

-Applicable to temperature as well as process control.

-PID control action with fuzzy self tuning enables stable control for a variety of processes.

-Simplified programmable function is provided so that controllers in this series can serve as programmable controllers.

-IP54 structure (for the front panel) allows usage in environments when the controller is exposed to water or dust (optional)


Input Thermocouple, RTD, direct current, DC voltage
Accuracy Within 0.2%FS1digit
Sampling period 0.125sec
Control action Fuzzy self tuning PID, Auto-tuning PID, PD, ON/OFF
Control output Relay contact, Non-contact voltage, DC current
Supply voltage 100 to 240V AC 50/60Hz, 24V AC/DC 50/60Hz
Options Alarm 2, Heating/Cooling control, Heater burnout alarm, Loop break alarm,
Transmission output, Serial communication, Set value memory, etc.


Price: $414.00